How do I use postprocess volume to darken places?

Hello everyone,

I wonder if it is possible to use post process volumes as area effect, like darken certain places which can be seen from outside the affected volume. I don’t mean unbound setting, because that makes the whole scene affected, I just want to affect what is inside the volume, but see it from the outside. Is there any setting like this, or other technique which yields the same or similar result?

Thanks in advance,

It sounds good enough, but can you show a sample material using this boxmask3d? I couldn’t find anything about this function. :frowning:

Well, you can’t do that with post process volume directly, but you can assign a bendable post-process material to an unbound post process volume. In this material you should be able to selectively darken certain areas, using something like Boxmask3D material function.

Deathrey, would it be possible to show a demonstration of what you are describing here?

Not sure, but I think this is what Deathrey means. Not sure if there’s a way to add volumes to select the dark or “lit” portions of the map, so you’d basically have to make a new material or instance for each map, though.