How do I set up swarm to use cloud and server farms

Hi - At the moment my computer only has 6GB RAM so doing large lighting builds (specifically when dealing with large terrains) tend to fail due to lack of memory during the lighting rebuild. I also would like to have a great deal of networking latitude for both multi-dev development spread over the country and multi-player play testing.

  1. What is a viable method to either connect to a cloud or some type of server for processing power? Is this a commonly used method to overcome the lack of processing capability on a home desktop?

  2. What is a viable method of getting the development process shared between developers real time and also allows for game client testing with multiple users?

  3. Would something like give me that type of capability both in processing and allowing multiple developers to connect into the editor?

I’m not looking for a hand hold, but I’m simply building an MMORPG demo test for a business client and we need to be able to collaborate online, get in the editor together, and play test together. Also our studio computer simply cannot process things like large lighting rebuilds and obviously we need to be able to do that. This is just a new subject for my studio and we are not sure where to go to properly build that capability.

Even if someone can point me in a direction I can do the rest. Where would I begin looking?


Wow, if you are doing a MMORPG you are better off just buying a better computer and breaking up everything into smaller manageable parts. 6gb of ram is very small for a dev computer. You can get away with 16 but 32 is more the mark. When I do larger projects like a big map. I use two ssd in raid 0 as my boot drive and assign large amounts of virtual memory. It still takes forever but you won’t be limited by ram.

How big is your team?

Hi Eagle1Studios,

I was speaking with another technician about this and he is using Amazon Web Services to accomplish a lot of what you are asking to do. It is apparently pretty cheap too.

Is this a commonly used method to overcome the lack of processing capability on a home desktop?

Commonly? Not really, no. Though it is plausible to use this technique, it is still a good idea to have good processing power in your machine. Having 6 gigs of ram will be a holdup for you one way or another as a developer. I would suggest bringing that up at least to 8gb.

Let me know if this helps you.

Any you could post a how-to? I thought swarm workers had to be on the local network?

Hello — Unreal Engine 4: developing in the cloud this seems to be a nice tutorial but make sure go more in depth with this cuz the cost can change with your hours spent