How do i set my Ue4 game to use DirectX 9/10 or OpenGL ?

Rendering Hardware Interfaces (what UE4 refers to Graphics Drivers as) are per-platform. Click the edit button in the top left and open Project Settings. From there, you can scroll down to platforms and select the settings for your targeted platforms. UE4 does not support DirectX 9.0 as DirectX 11 has been in high use for a couple of years, but you can target Direct X 10.

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Hi. I want to set my Ue4 game to use DirectX 10 or 9 instead of 11 so more people can play it. I also heared that you can use OpenGL instead of directX 11. How do i change that type of stuff ?

fast awnser and worked like a charm. Thank you so much !

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