How do I render only dynamic shadows with a Directional Stationary Lights

According to the Stationary light documentation:

Each movable object creates two
dynamic shadows from a stationary
light: a shadow to handle the static
world casting onto the object, and a
shadow to handle the object casting
onto the world.

Is there a way to disable the first kind? I’d like to have the light pass through static objects and only blocked by dynamic ones. So for example such a light facing down would light the floor of a closed room but on the floor there would be a shadow cast by a dynamic static mesh.

Turning off Cast Static Shadows only changes things beyond the Dynamic Shadow Distance.

I World Properties, check “Force No Precomputed Lighting”

In your light, check “Cast Dynamic Shadows”, and uncheck “Cast Static Shadows”

Then rebuild your light.

If your shadows are too dark, add a SkyLight for better look.

Well, it does answer my question. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I’d like to have this setting for a single light only and keep using precomputed lighting otherwise. Any advices for that case?

I thing You will need to check/uncheck this properties in every item so. Force No Precomputed Lighting is a World Propertie so, they do this job to you.

Make your light Movable?

Interestingly a movable distant light with Cast Static Shadows off still cast shadows from the environment. Turning off dynamic shadows turns off all kinda shadows.