How do I render a Dynamic Mesh with Orthographic Projection

Hello…I’m building a system that creates a “dynamic” mesh made of billboards. I’d like to render the final mesh with an orthographic projection. How would I do this?

You could create a camera inside of your pawn set to orthographic. Then you specify orthowidth instead of FOV and you can get nice clean ortho side views. You just need a game mode BP linking to your pawn and reference the game mode in world properties.

Absolutely. If you just want to composite a sprite character into a 3d scene there is no need to use the orthographic camera.

What you need are camera facing vertex shaders. If you open up the Content Examples project and open the “Math_Hall” level, at the very end section is two different versions of camera facing sprite behavior using regular meshes.

The basic gist of the technique is to first subtract AbsoluteWorldposition inside the Vertex shader. That essentially “shrinks” the mesh to 0 for all vertices. Then you add the result of the UVs (usually 0-1 bias scaled to -1 to 1) with each component multiplied by one of the camera’s vectors (usually up and left) and size parameter. You can also use cameravector and createthirdorthogonal to make a set of vectors that will also camera in to the camera on the edge of the screen.

Thank you! Is there a way to have a separate camera to render these dynamic meshes to a scene that gets combined with the standard player perspective view?


Is there a better way to render a camera facing quad at the world location of an actor in screen space that isn’t rendered through the hud?

Snap! Thanks a lot. I will check it out. Sounds like exactly what I need.

4.3 should also have a sprite material function that does that automatically.