How do i make the ai stop chasing me?

How do i make my Ai stop chasing me after disappearing from his field of view for 3 secs? Screen capture - 9654f4c9a8c7884d9d0c5ce2f9bf4df6 - Gyazo This is my AI blueprint. I Use Pawnsensing.

I would really recommend to use behaviour trees for this.

Also the pawnsensing component is deprecated and not supported anymore.
You should use the AIPerception component for this.

Without behaviour trees the logic will get really complicated. Especially in blueprints.

And behaviour trees are really not as complicated as one might think.

I second this recommendation. Additionally, if your looking for a good place to start, your in luck! the UE4 documentation quick start page for Behavior trees walks you through creating this exact style of ai; it patrols, once it sees you it chases a bit, if it looses track it eventually returns to patrolling!