How do I make realistic human skin shader?


I’ve been studying UE4 rendering. I’m in trouble.

[Realtime character :Khaleesi Unreal engine 4][1]

Please follow this youtube link.

I want to make my character skin shader(below pic) like Khaleesi character in youtube.
I know it needs Diffuse map, Detailed normal map, Specular map, Roughness map even Height map.
I can prepare every maps. but I don’t know how to make Material node structure. Kindly UE4 offers ‘Kite Demo’ and ‘Showdown VR Demo’, ‘Contents Example’ but it is not enough to make realistic human skin.

Would you please let me know any information or tip about node structure? I can’t find material nodes for study anymore.

Sorry for my bad english.

I, for one, would LOVE some kind of information like this. We keep getting shown the awesome power of UE4 but we aren’t getting tutorials based around the amazing things it can do. Get the indies in on more action by giving us some real direction on where to start.

Personally, I’d just like to get a character of the quality I just knocked together quickly and rendered in DAZ - screenshot supplied - and a proper pipeline of how to get said quality into the engine.

V4.11 talks about hair and stuff, but some tools to get meshes or models to strands or a mixture of the new tech would also be handy…

Hey!, Just for Info theres an " Example SSS Skin Shader" on the Example Content.
Easy to Find and Use!