How do I make dynamic water with splash on hit?

I am newbie in unreal engine 4. I want to create dynamic water so object can float on it and water should splash on hit.

Well you have two options provided by the community, Ufna’s ocean simulation will provide you with bouyancy (Floating objects) but not splash on hit (At least I dont think it does, he may have updated it). Or my Fluid Surface actor, which provides splashing on hit (Provided u have the particle system) but no bouyancy (yet).

Both have the source code available, so you could add splashing to Ufna’s plugin, or bouyancy to mine.

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Ehamloptiran has some good suggestions. They are the best option at the moment. There have been a number of requests here recently for water/ocean style systems in UE4 and we’ve heard the requests. It is definitely being discussed for what the best solution will be. Right now though, using these plugins provided by the community will get you there quicker!

If you have any questions on using UE4’s current features to start making a simple water material or particle system to make a splash feel free to ask and I can get you pointed in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, But I have already tried vaOcean plugins and they are not compatible with unreal engine 4.3 which I am using and also unable to install fluid surface plugin.

Hey !!
Could you please tell me how to start particle simulation on object collide hit location.

What issue are u having with the Fluid Surface actor? As this is compatible with 4.3 of the engine. It does require that you use the github version of the engine, not the launcher version, as you have to compile the plugin (If this is your issue, then thats fine)

I am using launcher version so what should I do it to run this.

In order to use the Fluid Surface Plugin you’ll need the source build of the engine from GitHub. You’ll need two things before that. You’ll need to link your account with GitHub and the free copy of Visual Studio Express 2013 to compile the source code.

[Here is a vid to walk you through setting up the GitHub account and building the source with VS 2013.][1]

To answer your question about spawning the particle this should be easy to set up. I added onto the projectile from the first person template as a simple demonstration.

In the image below you’ll just need to generate a hit even drag out from the hit location pin and type in Spawn Emitter. The rest is how the projectile is setup.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!! this solved my problem :slight_smile:

Glad this helped! :slight_smile: