How do I make a swimming character in Third Person?

So here is the issue.

I make a physics volume and we ■■■ to ware under volume
I then check physics on contact.
I also adjust flow control to 22 to get the desired slow fall effect.

Now when my TPP jumps into the water he can move forward back left right but not up and slowly falls down.

I attempted to remedy this by using a zoom-able third person script and creating a new camera spot and then setting character pitch and yaw to camera position when you have zoomed in all the way.

now it works as expected no problems out of the water however i still cant get the character to move up in any shape way or form in. am I possibly not setting some type of physics value?


Community member Tesla made a video tutorial on this for First Person which you could adapt and use for Third I’m sure. I believe he does what you are after.

Take a look here: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Quick Swimmable Water - YouTube


thanks for the quick response . my setup is identical to his minus the fact im thirdperson. first it only moves forward back left and right. and once it touches the bottom or side, the character no longer accepts inputs. i think i may have to add an if in water> the space add upward force. any further advice?

so i found a buoyancy setting in the character blueprint i had never considered. it helps tremendoulsy but i need to test further for sure

Hello Zuch0698o, I am doing the same thing, followed Tesla’s tutorial but like you I am in 3rd person, at first I was unable to move at all, I changed the buoyancy to 1 and was able to move back and forward side to side, however can not swim up…have you managed to find a solution to this?

basically my workaround that im still working out the bugs is using the add force variable. it pushes a body in the direction we need but is highly variable on how much. problem i still get is once i touch the ground underwater my character still stops moving and freezes in place

and alpha i tried using the zoom able third person script to try and set the camera angles and get around the control issue… doesn’t fix our swimming issues but it give a really cool element to your game by having variable camera setups and for tpp guys like me and you we can still satisfy the fps cravers

I did want to add a 1st person view to my project but could not get it to work with a single toggle. any chance you would be willing to post a pic of your setup in BP or C++ whichever it needs to be, although I am better at understanding BP.

ill do you one better here is the tutorial that set me up. you will have to change inputs if you want it to be a button but should get you there

so i understand the unreal team does not believe there is an issue with this but i assure you there is as Tessa’s tutorial does not work for us any other person know a possible work around. the most recent thing i tried was adding a force move commander for moving character up and down but its very sloppy and requires constant tick checks. a cleaner way to do this would be nice unreal team.

SOLUTION! I feel dumb having overlooked this… but make sure to connect controller pitch and i set buoyancy to .5 so the character gradually floats up now to work on an animation!

Where do you set buoyancy?

It is set in the character blueprint and after some tweaking what works best for me is a value of 1 there and fluid friction of 5 in the water volume

Awesome I connected the pitch and it worked great, now I was curious if you knew a way to make the character use a swimming animation when in the water?

to be honest i havent had a chance to sit down and make my animation yet for swimming :(. but i would be more then willing to write how it would work if you have an animation made up shoot me a pm if you’d like to collaborate, or if you wanna wait im going to tackle the animation this weekend

Hi there.

I’m having the same problem. I set everything as you mentioned but it continues without moving up and down.
Then I research some more and found that it does work when you set the Default Land Movement to Flying. The problem with this is that you cannot go back to Walking (when you set that during the game, it just do nothing).

Any idea on this?
Is there anything you need to set to let the Character Movement know the player should be swimming?

Thank you.

Hello all,

I am currently working on creating a tutorial for the ThirdPerson Swimmable Water Tutorial which will provide step-by-step directions to get your volume working with some neat post-process effects as well. This tutorial will be coming soon, but no specific time frame can be provided at this time. I am working diligently to get this to the community because it seems to be a very common question for users.

Also I will be using a translucent water material in the Swimmable Water Tutorial, which I will also be posting a bit longer of a tutorial for in the near future. This might take a bit longer to get completed since the directions are a bit more involved and lengthy. In the meantime, thanks for all the great posts and let us know if you have any further questions! Look for the tutorial on the Wiki in the near future!

I have looked everywhere for an answer and cannot find one. The character will not go up or down. This may have to do with the version used, I did it a while back with 4.21 and it worked, but now I tried 4.23 and 4.24 and it doesn’t.

Video no longer available.