How do I link ChamSys to DMX in UE4.26?

I’ve watched two tutorials on DMX and the ChamSys MagicQ controller is used but I can’t find an explanation on linking the controller to patches/fixtures created in 4.26. Maybe the problem is I’m on a Mac?

Hi! Maybe this will help!

Check these things in chamsys:


  • make sure you have the same IP address in chamsys (and Unreal: project settings → DMX plugin → communication settings → interface IP address)
  • Also on this section: “send to applications on this PC” to “YES” (in case you are on the same PC)

Also in Chamsys:

  • VIEW DMX I/O → enable all needed universes and make sure you have correct out-type selected (f.e. Art-Net)

Have fun!