How do I increase the streaming texture buffer

I’m running into a problem where there seems to be too many textures on screen and they keep switching between full res versions and low res versions of themselves. Everything seems to work fine in editor, but when I launch the game in standalone, it seems that the texture buffer is always full. Is there a way that I can either increase the texture buffer to accommodate all my textures or make it so that the game just loads all textures at launch and keeps them in the buffer?

Hi randyorenstein -

I would take a look at this documentation about Texture Streaming, Texture Streaming in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation, there is a section at the bottom that lists all the possible *.ini changes that can be made and the console commands for debug to fin your problem areas as well. I would absolutely start by running with the STAT Streaming or STAT StreamingDetails commands active to test exactly what and where the exact problem lie.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

thank you for the quick response! We have tried to set ini configurations to solve this, but the custom sizes we input do not seem to effect the build, the Buffer stays at 1GB. Is that an internal cap that cannot be overridden? Or is there something we need to do to get custom ini stuff to be read by the engine? Thank you!

Hi check out: Textures constantly streaming, will moving project to SSD help? - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums