How do I import a Japanese font for use as a text render component in Blueprint?

I don’t know how to get non roman characters to show and I don’t really understand the import options dialogue for font. Is there documentation for importing fonts? I’m an English speaker but I want to use some Japanese fonts in game so I really don’t know how to proceed. From what I’ve searched I there is a special way to set up fonts for use as a text render and there is also something about wild cards not working, but its all kinda fuzzy. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I’d like to know more about this as well.

There is a page in the UDK documentation about Importing Fonts, including Asian fonts:

[Creating and Importing Fonts][1]

The UI for the Font Asset editor has changed, but the actual process has not changed that much.

The issue with Text Render Component and fonts that have a large number of different characters is that the characters don’t all fit on one font texture “page”. Right now Text Render Component doesn’t support using multiple pages, so you’re going to quickly run into a wall with how many characters you can display. We have a bug in our database about this, so hopefully it will get fixed soon.

You also need to modify the material you’re using to specify the page number like so:

Is there any update to this, or a walkthrough of how to add a Japanese font? I have not been able to get even a hiragana/katakana set to work with a TextRender component yet, and this is from over a year ago.

Here? it even use hiragana/katakana as a example

That’s a font for UMG, not a TextRender component, the two are not the same.

With UMG placed in your 3D scene, you can do largely the same thing, and it fully supports Unicode characters. This is the preferred method for placing text in your scene going forward.

So,you mean that I can use widget to replace the TextRender?
Thus how can I set RunTime font double side?
I can’t find the parm in TextBlock from widget.
Thanks a lot.
And when can we use multiple font texture pages?