How do I go about making these lights?

Hi community

I’m drawing up some reference for a scene I want to try and make. I want my background to have a sci-fi cityscape look something like the attached. I can do the modelling part but i struggle with how i would set-up/make the sort of lighting shown in the buildings? Any help gratefully received.


When you are doing your textures for the buildings, create a mask/separate texture for the lights. In the engine when you are creating the material to place onto model, put the lights into the emissive node. Irregardless of the outside lighting, the lights will shine with no problem.

Hope this helps!

Great - thanks. Could I make this mask in substance? Or would it be best to do in photoshop. The textures will probably just simple shaders dropped on in substance with some variation here and there.

To be honest, my knowledge of substance is not adequate enough to say. I’m sure you can. My whole pipeline of making textures is solely PS -> UE4. Though for buildings, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make the masks/detail for the buildings, then using UE4 to make multiple materials using the same masks, but with slight light color changes or whatever changes you want to do.