How do I get AI Characters to pass through each other?

So I have 3 AI Characters (parent class “Character”) in my game using Simple Move To Location commands in the event graph to move around my level. I want these AI Characters to PASS THROUGH EACH OTHER (like ghosts) but they don’t seem to want to do it…even if I set ALL of my components for said character to have “No Collision.”

How can I get my AI Characters to pass through each other when using a NavMesh?

If you had removed all of their collision they would just fall through the world, so clearly something still has collision.

Either way that is not the proper solution to this problem. You’ll want their capsule’s collision setting to not block whatever collision channel it is set to (probably Pawn), so they can pass through each other, but they should still block Static Mesh so they don’t fall through the floor.

If it still doesn’t work, you may have to uncheck “Can ever affect navigation” in the component settings of any components that have collision.

Does your AI try to go through each other but gets blocked or they don’t even try? If the former, then that’s a collision issue, if later, make sure you have all kinds of AI avoidance disabled.



You can set the AIs avoidance groups to ignore some characters. I have a full set of questions with examples and debugging from a previous build. It’s all still relevant so take and feel free to see how things work. In this example I have Allies passing through allies and enemies blocking allies.

Hey Guys,

I finally got this to work by just setting Custom Collision for my AI character and ensuring that World Static and World Dynamic was set to “Block” and Pawn was set to “Overlap” (the rest set to “Ignore”)

Many thanks for your suggestions! I believe it ultimately led me to the right place. Thank you, UE4 community

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