How do i get a light not to cast reflections onto the floor?

I’m using a couple of omni lights to slightly light up darker areas in the room.
I’ve set up the lights as movable so i can turn them on and off along with the main lights and i’ve turned off casting shadows. It’s just for adding a bit more light to even the room out
But they’re casting reflections on the floor and i don’t want them doing that. How can i turn that off?
I could always fake it out and add a couple more lamps on top of them, but i’d rather not do that.
Also there is some light leaking from the next room through the wall. How do i stop this? It’s mildly annoying.

Depends… If you want your floor to be glossy then I don’t know, in the real world with that particular type of floor (the one in the picture) I would actually expect to see those reflections. Otherwise turn down the floor’s glossy level or turn up the roughness. There may be a way to mask the light from the reflections I just don’t know what it would be.

You can also adjust the min roughness setting in the light to soften the reflection. No need to adjust it in the material.

add a constant to roughness and put at 1.0

i was kinda hoping for a setting in the light instead of messing with the material, something like the ability to turn on and off shadows in the light. but i guess i’ll have to mess with the material a bit.
thanks i’ll give it a try

You dont have to adjust in the material. See my post above.

adjusting the roughness on the light worked out great. thanks!

Usually it is in the material 1st. Is it shinnt from the start?