How do I fix bad shadowing on the landscape cast by small objects?

I am having an issue that I can’t seem to fix with lighting and shadows, particularly with small objects. I have included a picture of one of the worst areas. The fence casts ugly “blobby” shadows. In this case, it is a low intensity sun (it is on Pluto), so intensity is down to 0.1. The lighting is also at a shallow angle (about 5 degrees), to give dramatic lighting effect. However, particularly with the fences, the effect is not as desired. I am able to get it to look pretty good with dynamic lighting, but then there are “lines” in the snow that ruin the effect. Playing with the settings a bit more, I get it to look halfway decent, but there are “waves” of light once I do that. Is there a way I can make the non dynamic lighting look better, short of just having the fences not cast shadows?


Your receiver surface (ground) doesn’t have enough resolution to visualize the proper lighting information!
…you can try to raise the lightmap resolution for this part of the surface or you can try cascaded shadows…

Thank you for the quick reply! I have a couple further questions, still can’t quite get it right:

  1. I found to increase the lightmap resolution of the landscape as you suggest: Click on the landscape, and adjust Static Lighting Resolution. I tried adjusting this up to 2, and it looked a bit better, but not good enough. I tried 4 and the computer crashed during the build. Looks like that option is a bust.

  2. I tried to enable cascaded shadows as per: [Use Cascaded Shadows | Unreal Engine Documentation][1] and the fence shadow looks great, but, now there are wavy lines of light on the snow landscape, making it look like carpet - do you know how to fix that issue (as shown in the picture below, look at the bottom portion to see it best):

Do you or anyone else have any further ideas to try? I might have to resort to not having shadows on the smaller objects, which doesn’t look horrible, but isn’t great.

I figured it out with some more tinkering. I noticed the mobile objects render the shadow fine. To fix the issue, if the landscape shadow looks bad, particularly on a smaller object, click the object, and under Transform, set it from Static to Stationary. Finally a decent result!