How do I create lightmaps?

So I imported some models into UE4 without lightmap UV’s and the lighting gets all screwed up. So i checked how to make them and followed exactly what the tutorials did but for some reason it hasn’t worked. Have I missed a step? I have two different channels on 3DS and on the second one none of it overlaps. Buy when I import it, it still only see’s one map.

Could you probably post the tutorial so that we know what you did? :slight_smile:

Best lightmap tutorials are from WorldofLevelDesign, but unfortunately it’s for maya:

I think I have fixed the issue! Thanks for the reply though. I uploaded the model without the second UV. Then added it in and “Reimported” the model. This time I deleted the model form UDK and imported it as normal and it worked. Guess Reimporting doesn’t add the seocnd Uv lol.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: