How do I control the softness of capsule shadows?

I’ve recently tested the waters by updating my project to 4.11, and I’ve hit a number of strange lighting issues that weren’t present in 4.10.

First I decided to test out capsule shadows, and found that they worked great in my first test scene!

Unfortunately, distance field shadows appear to be broken for some meshes. The shadow behind the Quadropod in this shot is supposed to be of a box. That’s a separate issue though, so I’ll spin off a new thread for that as well.

Once I toss this same character into a different test level I get only perfectly sharp capsule shadows:


So this leads me to my question. How is the sharpness of the capsule shadow determined? Is there something I can do differently in my lighting setup to ensure that I get nice, soft shadows from this system?

Still curious about how to control this in 4.11. Any info would be great, thanks.

Still searching for an answer to this. Anyone have any insight?

I’m curious about this as well. When I tested them in a complex environment they sometimes provide really nice shadows, but far too often do they turn way too sharp. Maybe an option could be provided to limit their sharpness?

Additionally, in interior scenes they also regularly decide that it is logical for them to be cast upwards even though all light sources are on the ceiling.

This is especially problematic as they have to be either always on or always off, so if we intend to use them there should be ways to make them fail more graciously.

Still wondering how to do this. Anyone had any luck with adjusting capsule shadow sharpness?

Tool tip: “Softness of the shadow depends on light source angle / source radius”, so just adjust the source radius in your directional light. Mine is set to 5.

Indirect capsule shadows are automated.

Awesome! Thanks for clarifying. I’ll give this a shot right now.

I found out that console variable r.CapsuleSkyAngleScale multiplies capsule shadow softness.