how do i attach weapon to player pawn?

Hi, im fairly new to UE4 and ive been working on a twin stick shooter for the past two weeks. my pawn and weapon are both static mesh. the weapon is fully functional atm and so is the pawn with all movements. but i cant seem to attach them together for the life of me. Any Help would be appreciated. i’ll upload a picture of what im trying to achieve. Blue mesh is the pawn and green mesh is the weapon.if i try to just drag and attach the weapon to the pawn and attach it on components,when i start the game, my pawn flies off into space instantly. Please Help. thanks.


the flying off bit is a collision issue to solve this change the collision preset on your weapon. as for the actual attaching the wep part, if you were using a skeletal mesh i would have said to use sockets. in your picture your pawn appears to be a spaceship yes? if thats the case then i would try either having a second mesh on your pawn that isnt defined (doesnt have a specific mesh type) then when you equip the wep you simply assign the mesh a type of the wep type. alternatively you could spawn actor from class to create the wep then use a attach to actor node.