How do i activate caustics underwater?

Hi Guys,
I am using the UE Water Plugin and i tried to activate caustics, but they are only active in the surface material and not in the underwater material. Does anyone know how I activate underwater caustics for the Plugin ?

Looks like you had no answer but it seems possibile:

take here:

… anyone can help?

Pretty sure you’d need to set up some a decal or postprocessing material for that, the water material caustics is a surface shader, so if the surface isn’t visible, neither are the caustics. It doesn’t actually project the caustics, it is an illusion.

Here’s a video that shows how these caustics shaders work. Although this one is a little more advanced, it should give you everything you need to set up a decal or post-process and talks about some of the differences between the techniques.

there’s bunch of material functions related to caustics that are not used in stock materials for some reason , here’s my attempt:

maybe better quality