How do get my Ai to detect my player in VR

After watching this tutorial to set my Enemy AI to Roam and Chase I’ve reached a problem when it comes to have the Enemy AI come after the player when it sees them. How do I get this AI to see the player? Also I would like to see how maybe I can get the player to only be seen if the player is at a certain height aka when the player stand ups from a chair. I was thinking maybe just the AI is trigger by an object attach to the player but I dont know where to start with that.

i’m basically doing the same thing and watched the same video.i’m also having the same problem i can get the Ai to move to a random location but it seems it won’t see me at all. and when i look at the tree the player location is invalid. i’m currently doing research to find a way around this and would like to know if you have find a solution yet? if so i would like to know how

I suggest to spawn a proxy actor that follows your head component and to program AI to look for this proxy actor. Remember that when you move in VR using your body, the actual VR player does not. The player is basically the playing area, what’s moving in it are components: hands and head, but AI cannot track a component.

how would i do this? i’m still new to Unreal Engine

Hello, a simple solution, it worked for me…

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