How can we use stereo 360 images as environmenst/backgrounds for VR?

I had to work on a project in the “other” game engine.
IT sucked, the interface was so bad, the textures were so lame
I could put a tob-bottom 4k stereo 360 image in the farthest background plane and instantly I had a huge environment with parrallax and depth.

I would really like the same thing in Unreal as I literally have thousands of stereo images

I have been using mono versions as skybox images with my own skybox spheres, but I would like to know if this is possible in unreal.

I don’t really like the possible solutions I’ve found.
It seems to me this should be possible as quickly as it was in the “other” program, just the top bottom image into the farthest bkd of the scene, so in an empty scene it would be a panosphere around the whole space.

I’ve only found this:

Thanks, I’m looking at those,
I found this as well
just not sure it still works as it was for 4.19

I don’t get these instructions
they are incomplete
I don’t know where to plug this lerp and constant

"Plug a Texture Sample Node into the Emissive Color Channel, if you don’t have a stereo 360 image of your own, you’ll be able to download one from the links in the description of this tutorial. The top portion of the image will serve as our Left Eye image, and the bottom was our right eye.

We’ll map the UVs of the Left eye first. Do this by getting the Texture Coordinates node and setting VTiling to 0.5 in the new nodes detail panel.

For the right eye, use an Add node after the existing coordinate with a Constant 2 Vector of (0,0.5).

We can choose between these two UV options with a Lerp Node, using a 0 or 1 Alpha to display the left or right eye. Here’s where the Instanced Stereo project setting comes into play: Add a Custom node, with the CMOT Float 1 Output Type. In the Code section type return ResolvedView.StereoPassIndex;

The Left eye pass returns black, and the right eye pass returns white, perfect for determining our UVs.

The Texture appears inverted inside the sphere, to fix this I’ll negate its scale on the X-axis."

so the simple solution that works
full fantastic backgroud 360 3d with equirectangular top bottom or sbs (flip the coords for that)
when mapped on an inverted sphere you have a full stereo background
it is great
the thing to put in the custom node is

Feel free to test it with one of my fractals above in the original post

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oddly it does not work with the 4.27 VR template, but it works on a template from 4.1 coverted to 4.27
I think it is an ini change!

I figured out what I did wrong
I put an add instead of a multiply
it works fine now

But it is an add isn’t it? I still can’t get the right eye to work, add or multiply

If somebody is looking for a solution (UE 5.3.2, Quest 2 & 3) here is mine.

The posted shader graph didn’t work for me, but this one:

custom node code like posted above:
and the texture is a typical top-bottom stereo 360 image.

Maybe it will be helpful for somebody!