How can we set up Multiplayer for a VR game?

Hi all,

I work in the world of architectural visualisation. We’re trying to create a virtual reality walkthrough for 4 people simultaneously in the same space. Basically a multiplayer VR setup. We’ve got four HTC Vive headsets with the wireless adapter. 4 suitable Pc’s too in the same office, so the client doesn’t have to remote connect. Thus far I’ve worked more as a Game artist, animator, content creator rather than developer or coder with UE4, but I understand basic blueprints, replication, some of the basics of client and server setup.

I need some help or breakdown on best practice on how to setup and get 4 VR headsets running simultaneously through a singular game level. Thus far the level is modelled & baked, Pawns are there and working correctly with the VR motion controllers with a single user. In the past I’ve just created exe standalone from UE4.

Where I’m stumped is that you can’t connect 4 HTC vive headset’s to a single PC. They each have to have their own, so how do I get the 4 VR headsets talking to each other and interacting with the game?

•What would you guys recommend in order to get this working for multiplayer VR?
•What kind of replication project and pawn settings do I need to be aware of?
• What do I need to understand with regards servers and framework setup?

UE4 settings are oriented to a listen server as I my skillset found this easier, but open to dedicated server setup if it’s more logical or required. I realise I’m being a bit broad with the info (trying not to sound too much of a noob) happy to try and provide more specifics. Finding info very sparse so references or tutorials welcome. Basically I want help completing this sentence

" The simplest way to get 4 Vr headsets running in a UE4 generated game is to…"

Are you able to make it work for four players?

Any progress?

Try this template: VR Template: Multiplayer, Items, Locomotion [All Blueprints] [Free]

Here’s a some instructions for doing multiplayer stuff in blueprints: Intro To Unreal Multiplayer in Blueprints - Google Docs

The instructions aren’t necessarily best practices, but should help to understand what’s going on.

If you want, you could just start with the Collab Viewer and drop in your own level. It’s probably the fastest way to get started

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It is, but if you’re looking to support many players on a potentially low-end PC, and poor internet connection… check out VR Expansion Plugin as it comes with features that help you reduce the network overhead:

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