How can I remove the foggy horizon in the default SkySphere?

I’ve set up my SkySphere to be a starry night sky, but it’s kind of ruined by the horizon still sticking around and being dark grayish. I want the stars to cover the entire sphere, because as it is now the light horizon covers more of my characters view than the stars do, which kind of defeats the point of having them there in the first place. Physically moving the SkySphere around doens’t work, because it seems to update that foggy horizon to just stick to the middle of the screen at all times. How can I remove it?

Illustration of what I’m talking about:

Was wondering the same.

Hey I think I found the answer to this (almost) 2 year old question.
You want to edit the “M_Sky_Panning_Clouds2” material which is in the engine content folder under “EngineSky”. Find the “HorizonDistribution” section of the material, disconnect the “dot” and change the black constant 3 vector to white and connect that directly to the clamp instead of the “dot” node.

I made a duplicate of the material and edited my duplicate just in case I messed something up.

Images are attached but just in case that doesn’t work for some reason here is an imgur link:

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Well, it’s obviously too late now, but I tried this and it certainly seems to work out. So, thanks for the reply anyway!

Tried this. Its removing the white area at the bottom but clouds are messed up after the change. Wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you really don’t care what the sky looks like.

Yeah, in my example I was only looking to have my skybox cubemap cover the entire sky sphere, so I didn’t need any of the other features of the sky sphere. If you do need those, this might not be a good solution.