How can I remove glow from font material?

I am creating a 3D main menu widget. I noticed that no matter how I tweak the font settings, color and everything, the glow effect that it has won’t go away. When I looked into creating a font material, the “final color” indicates, which parts of the material glow. Is it possible to get rid of this glow entirely?


UE4 Post Processing have build in Bloom effect which add glow to any pixel that cross value of 1 on any color channel. Pixel can cross value of one either by lighting or material (which is technically is shader) internally set such value.

So either disable bloom in post process settings (you can do that in camera settings or by placing post process component) or tone down lighting that effect text or in font material set lighting model to unlit so text is not effected by lighting

This seems to work. Thank you!