How can I make the matte shadow material?

I want to use the ‘Matte Shadow Material’ like a material of 3ds MAX (VRay).

Reference : VRay Matte Shadow - YouTube

How can I make it in the material editor?

Thank you in advance.

You’ll want something with a high roughness, tangent space normals, and some ambient occlusion set up in your post process volume settings to achieve that look.

Thank you hippowombat.

OK, I try it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hmm… I failed.

I tried the following.

step 1. Apply the post process volume to the actor. → Success

step 2. Draw the shadow. → Failed.

So, I don’t know the way that drawing the shadow and removing the floor other than the shadow.

(Using the SceneTextre:WorldNormal and SceneTextre:Ambient Occlusion?)

somebody help me, please :cry:

Hi man,
Did you manage to do it?

I want to know this too

This is exactly what I want to know

You can try this approach: Shadow catcher, possible ? Oo - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums