How can I make HTTP calls?

Is there anything built in for making HTTP calls? I can write a wrapper for libcurl pretty easy thanks to Unreal being C++ but I would like to avoid that if there is something already in the API that I am missing.

There is an HTTP module that you can declare as a dependency.


It should be able to address your needs from what I see.
For a sample of how to use it you should look at the Epic Survey plugin.

Also, there are a couple other questions around on the same subject.

Thanks. Once I figured out how to reference the module this was exactly what i was looking for. It looks like it is using libCurl behind the scenes anyways. Do you know if it has support for HTTPS off top of your head?

We have HTTP module implementations for various platforms. On windows we use WinInet by default and an optional use of LibCurl, for linux just LibCurl, for Mac/iOS we use the Cocoa library calls such as NSUrlConnection/NSMutableURLRequest, for consoles we use the APIs on those platforms. Https should be handled correctly last I checked. Just specify an URL as https:// instead of http:// . It’s up to you to generate a trusted server certificate however.