How can i make a glowing point light in blueprint?

I have done the interaction with objects and i want to make a blueprint with point lights that on interaction increase lights brightness up from 0 to 1000 by adding 100 points and after reaching 1000 the interaction decreases the brightness to 0 by subtracting 100 points. Is there any way to do it in blueprint. If so can someone tell me step by step how to do it.

Is that what you want?

With this i have the problem that intensivity after reaching a 1000 jumps between 900 and 1000.

Yeah right, sorry! You have to add bool variable that indicates whether to increase (0 reached) or to decrease (1000 reached).

Thank You, that solved the problem. Thank you again for your time.

You’re welcome! Hope your project turns out great :slight_smile: