How can I increase network bandwidth limit?

It appears to be limited to 10KB/s. I have found these answers however after pasting the settings they have no effect.


Are you sure that you are actually being limited to 10K? eg. Is bAlwaysRelevant set on the 75 actors?

Yep, 100% sure. I figured it out. Just doing some multiplayer stress testing and I needed to know how to increase the limit.

I think I had to do it differently because my project is cpp… Had to edit different engine files through VS.

You can tweak the following values of the GameNetworkManager to adjust the bandwidth better to your game:


Just add it to your DefaultEngine.ini file of your game. Let us go through what those values actually mean.

  • TotalNetBandwidth: Total available bandwidth between all connections
  • Min/MaxDynamicBandwidth: Min and max per connection
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Hi vanlacke,

If you’re still having this problem, there are another couple of extra (undocumented) variables to the ones you mention that need to be set:

ConfiguredInternetSpeed=(Desired data rate cap)
ConfiguredLanSpeed=(Desired data rate cap)

I know this from Mathew Clark’s answer to my bug report of this same issue:

He provides a few more details there.

Do you know for a fact that this has any effect whatsoever? Please see my question AGameNetworkManager not really doing anything? - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums

How did you show the above Stats network data?

This is incorrect, the above lines must go into DefaultGame.ini and NOT DefaultEngine.ini.

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