how can i import user defined content in the running game?

is there a simple way to get users content in game and import it during game play. i want to get user’s picture as a texture. also the same with movie textures. is there a way in the engine or i have to use c++ and importing modules? sorry for my bad english.
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Unfortunately i havnt done something like that yet, but i assume you want something like that:

During game the player can add a picture he has on his computer and import it somewhere inGame. For this he will have an UI with a button browse… to open up the FileDialog to select his image.

In order to get this working i think you would need to use the windows api (if you are using windows that is) to open that dialog.

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surely we have to use windows api for choosing the texture, but my question is how we can import this picture to an uasset to use it in game?

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I found this documentation link for C++, I’m not sure if it does what you need, but it looks like it.

thanks. im going to see this documentation and test it