How can I handle this Depth Of field foreground issue?

Hi Guys!
I started learning Unreal about a month ago, but I’m having a weird issue with Actors / Foliage in the foreground when I use a strong Depth Of Field and the camera is close to the foreground. I really tried everything, I’ve been trying to find a solution for it on the net for a week, I’ve looked at a tons of tutorials, searched forums, but nothing that works unfortunately. I’ve tried several lighting techniques, UE4 to UE5, all kinds of Camera and Post Process settings, Console Variables, World and Project Settings, Materials, Engine Scalability Settings, copying from one Scene to another, but nothing… I have a reference scene, the Quixel Megascans Abandoned Apartment Scene where for some reason the foreground Dof works quite well, but if I copy all the settings from there, somehow it doesn’t. Please help me!

And here are 2 more e!xamples from Quixel’s Abandoned Apartment Scene where it’s almost looks correct.

[alt text][2]

I am having the same issue, and cannot find any information about how to solve it.


Anyone figure out a solution to this? :frowning:

It’s another case of temporal upsampling!



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