How Can I Get Lighting to affect Sprites?

Hey, I’m working on a project that’s largely sprite based and I thought before I started researching/working it out myself I just throw this up.
Does anyone know if Unreal 4 sprites can even be effected my lights? (Point lights, spot lights, ect)
So far it looks like they can’t unless we draw them darker for certain levels but that’s really tedious.
Thanks for reading by the way.

I’d love to know this as well. I’m in the midst of returning to UE4 after taking a couple months break from it, and now one of the first things I want to do is make some cool sprite art with it.

Unfortunately, that means I haven’t experimented with sprites yet (I’m in the same boat as you!), but, I have done some research on this before and there seems to be some solutions out there.

It seems like all those techniques have in common is they use a normal map.

On a personal and slightly related note, all those games/examples take on a completely flat perspective. I’d love to know if anyone has information or has tried to light sprites that take on a 3D perspective. Basically, think back to those early Playstation 1 games whose worlds were 3D but had many 2D props.

Seems like a good candidate for material parameter collections. The tappy chicken project has a relevant example. Read more here:

Oh man, that looks perfect! :slight_smile:

I love the idea of controlling lighting like a switch. And having full control over the colors too.

Woah, thought this post would slip by unanswered. Thanks for the replies guys!