How can I enable Simple Forward Shading (r.SimpleForwardShading)

Hi guys,

My question is how to enable “Simple Forward Shading” (introduced from ver 4.13).

I’m using UE 4.14 and I want to enable “Simple Forward Shading” but when I set r.SimpleForwardShading variable in the console, there is no effect. I think that’s because “r.SupportSimpleForwardShading” (read only) is not enabled.

However, if I set the r.SupportSimpleForwardShading default value to 1 by modifying the cpp code (please tell me if there is another way to modify this value), the rendering result is wrong. The image of game is just black and with flicker.

Thank you very much.

There might be a way to enable forward rendering thru a console variable. But I am not aware of it.

The way I enable it though is by going to Project Settings > Rendering > Forward Rendering.
You should see two options in that section, one of which is “Forward Shading” and allows checking / unchecking.

Switching between forward (checked) and deferred (unchecked) requires restarting the editor and recompiling all shaders.

I found there is just no way currently to switch between “Forward Shading”(or “Simple Shading”) and “Deferred Shading” dynamically at runtime. If “Forward Shading” is checked, the game is forward shading, otherwise, it’s a deferred shading game. No way to switch after I packed the game. If anyone knows, please let me now.


as far as I know there is no way to switch the renderer after the game is packaged. You can only set it within the project settings and after the editor restart it uses the new renderer. But thats all.

But if you want to take a look into it you should get all commands with “dumpconsolecommands” within the console.

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I don’t think you can switch rendering paths at runtime. You can definitely switch from within the editor, in the sense that changing it in project settings as I mentioned recompiles the rendering pipeline. But once you switch the idea is that you stick with that setting for the whole project. Also keep in mind forward rendering as an option only applies to desktop. Mobile always is compiled for forward rendering.