How can i disable jump while swimming

How can i disable the jump while i swim or leaving the PhysicsVolume set as WaterVolume, everytime i leave the water or i aproch surface it start jumping.

This will help, but it jump without me using jump input, it have something to do with IsInAir? bool from animation blueprint but i cant find a way to fix it.

this should work

I’m not sure why it would jump without you pressing jump. It could have something to do with these settings, try raising/lowering these values and see what happens.

If that doesnt work, you will have to look at the CharacterMovement.cpp file and try to figure out why it’s jumping like that. I know sometimes the animation blueprint could also be the cause of jumping off ledges, so maybe it causes you to jump out of water too.

Not working is related to animation, once i disable the IsInAir? boolean is doesnt jump on beeing at surface of water or exit from water

Thanks, you helped me figure out what was causing this for me.

I know its a couple years late but heres how i just fixed it

I have a first state of swimming which changes the buoyancy from 1 to 1.5 when i enter to keep the player at the top of the water. So i used that value as a check as to whether the jump animation should trigger. you could use something like IsSwimming as a bool as your check in a similar way