How can I create a flame effect / mask to be applied to items and creatures?

Hey everybody,

I’m trying to create a flame effect that can be applied over the top of the surface of a model but I can’t figure out how I should do it. I’ve started to look into texture and particle masks but I’m exceptionally green with regard to the material editor and any sort of shader effects.

I’m looking to do a surface effect rather than having the item / creature appear to be made of fire; more Ghost Rider, less Human Torch.

Does anyone have any ideas or a possible tutorial link?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

so there are a few different ways to build this.

this method uses a second mesh for the flame.

this method distorts the mesh, since you’re going for ghost rider you’d lerp the colors from a skull tan to a fire red base on the amount of displacement. It may be tricky getting the flames to look good while the character is moving. the material in in the learn tab if you want to download ‘features tour 2014’.

this method uses a bunch of particles, and should work for cinematic shots might kill your fps in game though.

this is how you spawn particles on the surface of a mesh.

If I was doing the effect I would first try the second method and see if that works, if not maybe combine the first two methods. you’d have a second mesh for the flames and you’d displace that.
then add a few spark particles here and there.

there are ways to change the direction of displacement to match the players movement rather than just straight up, but I don’t remember how off hand, sorry.

Awesome man, thanks for the help! My biggest issue was trying to figure out what would be the best method and what were the pluses and minuses to each process; this is exactly what I needed!