How can I add collision to Instanced Static Meshes?


I was wondering how to add collision to a bunch of instanced static meshes in C++

Thanks for the help,

I fixed it, I just needed to enable per-poly collision on the mesh and it works now.

Where did you find this setting?

In the mesh editor change the collision setting from “Default” to “Use Complex as Simple” or something like that.

Is there any way to collision setting from “Default” to “Use Complex as Simple” on more objects at the same time?

Hi VladV,

If you select multiple meshes in the Content Browser, you can right-click on one of them and select “Details…” to view the Details for all of the selected meshes. In the Details window that appears, go to the Static Mesh section, then expand the Body Setup section. Locate Collision Complexity and change it to the value you want for those meshes. Click the Save button in the top left, and all of the selected meshes will have been updated with the new collision setting.

Very easy! Thank you.
Also i got this answer here , almost the same thing.