Horrible shadows problem

As you can see, I’m having quite an issue with the shadows. I’m only using a single light, a directional light. Right now I set the lightmap resolution to 512 for both the building’s walls and those bars at the windows, but no success.

I placed the entire area into a lightmass importance volume, still nothing.

The static lighting level is set to 4.

Hi noatom. After changes you trying build?

In the Wordlsettings lightmass settings there’s a checkbox “force no precomputed light”
Turn it on. Rebuild Lighting. Turn it off again. Rebuild.

It deletes and then recreates the lightmaps.

It’s just low lightmap resolution. 512 may sound too much but it is not in this case as the meshes are too large. You need to split those buildings into smaller pieces.

The building itself is split into many many meshes. I set the resolution to 2048, still nothing. Right now I just tried with a single spotlight put near one of those bars. There is a small problem… I set the light to “Static”. All the meshes are checked for Cast Shadow, Dynamic Shadow, Static Shadow right now.

But when I build the lighting literally everything remains black. If I switch the spotlight to movable(full dynamic), the shadows are better, but still jagged.

Right now the resolution of the lightmaps is 1024. I tried with both unreal generated lightmap uvs, AND the blender ones(Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: 2nd UV Channel (english) - YouTube)

What could cause the issue with the static spotlight not lighting up anything?

Yeah, just did that and yes it deleted them, but upon building lighting again, still the same bad result…

That is the lightmap created using blender, and yes it’s actual resolution corresponds with the one set to be used in unreal(1024)

What does the lightmap UV layout of one of those walls look like?

That mesh is still huge so there isn’t enough UV space for that kind of detail(iron bar shadows) You need to split it even more and redo the UV’s.

I didn’t mean vertex count. The surface area of the mesh is too large.

Huge? That’s the last thing I expected, I mean this one has 2056 vertices right?

Finally solved it: Made the lightmaps 2048 in size, and set the meshes to be static, the light too. Also set the "Packed Light and Shadow Map Texture Size to 2048.