Horrible rendering quality after launcher update


I just opened Unreal this morning with the launcher update, and my game suddenly has a horrible rendering quality when launching from PIE. Screen percentage is at 71, lighting sucks, bloom sucks, the antialiasing looks non-existent, etc. Scalability settings were changed to “low”… My project is set to “high quality” for PC, I didn’t change a single thing and it was working two days ago.

I’m working with 4.6 from source build.

I could fix it by setting scalability back to “Epic”, but why has this happened ?

No, it looks like other projects were not affected. I tied this to the launcher but it’s just the only obvious change. Does UE switch scalability settings on its own (because of hardware change etc) ?

Hi Gwenn,

Nothing in the Launcher update should have effected a projects settings. We haven’t seen this behavior internally but if you find anyone else posting about this please link it here. I will also be on the lookout for anyone else having this issue.

I’m glad you realized that the Engine Scalability settings had been changed and that corrects the issue. Do you have any other projects that had this same error or just the one?

No, the editor shouldn’t change any settings automatically. We have had some users report that upgrading their project to a newer version of the editor has changed settings before, but that is generally pretty rare. Hopefully what you experienced is just a ‘one-off’ and you won’t see it happen again.