Hololens support?

So now that MS has announced Hololens. Is it on the to do list for the engine?

For those that dont know ->

Heard one of those Microsofties on stage at the live Windows 10 event call out Epic as one of the companies they were working with. Think it was in relationship to some of their gaming cross platform - Xbox - PC - mobile - initiatives. So I would think Hololens would be on their radar. And it looks cool and interesting to me. (not that that’s worth much)

This stuff is astonishing, world-changing, and covered by thick non-disclosure agreements. So, while I can convey that we are extremely enthusiastic about the hardware, I’m afraid I can’t comment on any plans.

Thanks Tim, I guess were waiting for the May 4, xbox II announcement and the announcement of hololens integration with the connect (speculation)

I would be surprised if it was Xbox II. But on the other hand I think it is a new IP from Microsoft that pushes Xbox to its limits.

I thought that they were making more known about this at the Microsoft Build conference? Or am I mistaken?

Either way Looking forward to Hololens as are a few of my friends that I will be developing with :smiley:

Thanks Tim, glad to see you are excited! :smiley:

I’m buying atleast two of them. :smiley:

I want to buy at least one. This is going to be big!

I’d say…its going to be big + huge + massive + whatever-word-in-dictionary :smiley:

By the way, any info on release date?

Let’s see… May 4th… May The 4th… what does that remind me of…

So many new SW universe films/games on the horizon, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Disney/Lucasfilm cooking up one more…

Very excited about HoloLens, these are exciting times. Just dreading saving up to buy yet more Dev Kit hardware :wink: (after Rift DK1 & 2)

Pretty excited for what the HoloLens can do, too :smiley:

By the way, will UE4 support Windows 10? I’m planning on getting a new rig soon, and I was thinking on upgrading once it’s out. I really don’t want to get my rig set up just to find that UE4 doesn’t work correctly in W10 though.

Ahem -


Dang, BUILD2015 is already sold out… Hey Tim, could you put in a a good word for us lowly UE4 supporters, maybe get us some nice juicy promo-codes?

TBH - this would make an awesome game jam prize just saying. :smiley:

Third part studies could get Hololense SDK from spring time. So I believe we can hear anything from Epic officially only in couple months time.

You work for MS. Do some spying? :wink:

Though it’s a shame the community can’t get in on Hololens development for UE4 at this time (what happened to independent opportunities?), the only games I can see Epic making a sequel for are Shadow Complex or Bulletstorm, one of which received perfect reviews and the other mostly 9/10.

Correct me if am i wrong, but hololens play stuffs as holograms(Augmented reality), i really don’t see a sooner integration between this and UE4

you missed them playing a minecrafter and one other game

I have seen plenty of marketing links on hololens , but nothing on the development side. Can anybody direct me to where to go on how to develop develop apps for hololens. Any SDK’s? How to’s?