Hit Result is navmesh?

Hey guys,

I’ve been using the hit result node for a while and I’ve been wondering if there is a way to tell if you line trace has hit a navmesh? I’m trying to see if my line trace using the mouse is actually me clicking on the navmesh or not so I can ensure that I’m only giving movement orders to pawns when the check is true.

So far haven’t been able to find my own way to check to see if a line trace has hit the navmesh, hence the post.

I think you can use the reference of the navmesh in the “Level Blueprint” so you can compare the box size of it with your clicked position on landscape… just give you something to start.

I can give it a shot but figured since the navmesh is technically a mesh there must be some way to test whether a line trace comes in contact with it. I’ll keep it in mind man, thanks.

What about clicking the navmesh in the “Scene Outliner Panel” and than checking the “Generate Overlap Events” under “Collision” in the “Details Panel”.
This must make Overlaping events avaleble in the Level Blueprint. Remember you only get the reference of the navmesh in the “Level Blueprint”!

You also need to set up when it fire the event like: “Overlap all”.

Use the regular trace results to translate your click location to world-space, and then project that value to navmesh using ProjectPointToNavigation. You should be fine with default parameters :slight_smile: