Hit event not triggering when object rotates or moves into my character while it's idle

I’m still pretty new to Unreal Engine, but I’ve been prototyping a game where you’re a little blue ball and you traverse a maze where you can’t touch anything with a red edge. I got it to work fairly easily. When my character moves into an object with a red edge, it proceeds to explode and then respawn at the checkpoint. But now I’ve added moving objects to the game, that have the deadly red edges. If I move into them, I explode, but if I sit there idly and wait for them to bump into me, instead of exploding, my character will be pushed and/or rotated in the direction the red objects are moving. Sometimes, I’m even able to move inside of the red objects, before inevitably exploding once I try to escape. This is a feature I do not want in the game. All my code is in my Player under the Event “On Hit”, which I’ve read is triggered when it hits or is hit by something else. I’ve tried all sorts of things, but nothing seems to be working. I am getting an error in the reports that it can’t access my movement and body components because they’re “pending kill”. I’m wondering if the movement of the objects is causing my “On hit” to trigger and trigger before it has a chance to finish, and if so, how could I possibly fix it?