HISM huge performance loss 4.12->4.13->4.14

Hello. I’ve been playing with HISMs in a project which happened to be in version 4.12 and I decided to upgrade it to 4.14 and notice that the performance was now quite horrendous.

Projects are included, though all named “project412”, they are of the appropriate version.

Version| |aprox initial result| |aprox stress test result

4.12| |Game: 13-14 ms, Draw: 8 ms, GPU: 12 ms| | Game: 13-14 ms, Draw: 14-21 ms, GPU: 15-22 ms.

4.13| |Game: 10-12 ms, Draw: 5-10 ms, GPU: 15-20 ms| | Game: 11 ms, Draw: 25-30 ms, GPU: 25-30 ms.

4.14| |Game: 10 ms, Draw; 3-30 ms, GPU: 25-35 ms| | Game: 11 ms, Draw: 20-70 ms, GPU: 70-120 ms.

Initial results are walking around the trees, and notably looking up at the closely clustered trees.
Stress results is after pressing X and spawning 100 trees, walking around them and looking at them.

Dropbox links. Dxdiag in 414 map.
412: Dropbox - File Deleted
413: Dropbox - File Deleted
414: Dropbox - File Deleted

Hi ste1nar,

[EDIT] It seems I made a mistake while testing. This issue seems to be expected especially when inset shadows are involved. I will need to investigate further though.

[UPDATE] This isn’t an issue. In your 4.12 project you need to build lighting before running your stress test. While testing I didn’t experience a regression in performance. What is causing the tank in performance is the use of inset shadows. This generates a shadow map per object and when copying an object multiple times this will hit performance hard. I would recommend using dynamic lighting and turn off inset shadows for improved performance.