Hism dithered lod breaks scaling transition screen percentage

In 4.23 at least, creating several instances with LODs using an actor with HISMC on it, and toggling the “Use Dithered LOD transitions” in the material will result in the screen percentage transition breaking with different scaling on different instances. So if I have 4 of them at a scale of 1 scattered about, and then I make another instance ( a 5th) and then I move it off to the side and scale it maybe to 3 or 4 so it’s noticeably larger, then scrub the camera back and forth to watch the LOD transition points for the HISMs I notice the correct screen percentage on the scaled instance is wrong - big time wrong. Most of my LODs follow this screen percentage 1.0, 0.99, 0.8, 0.6. With no LOD dithering is how I set this up and this seems to be wrong by itself but, the first switch at 0.99 screen percentage with no LOD was when the object was past what I would consider to be 0.99 of the screen (even picturing the bounding box). So I put my LODs at this to make the transition be about half way out.

turning on dithered LODs results in bumping the distance back to what I would consider to be correct, but only on the scaled Instance. The rest seem to remain the same. So it’s all kinds of broken. As a side note / inquiry, does Dithered LODs work with VR? I’m noticing it appears to draw incorrectly for each eye. This results in an awkward moment where your eyes are uncomfortable. If so, any way I could make my own transition and adjust for each eye offset?


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