High quality light bake on certain Areas of a Lanscape

Hello Everyone.

I have a Landscape here (First Picture) with some trees, set to Static, so I have baked Shadows on the Landscape.
I would like to create an easy - cheap - realistic looking scene that’s why I choose Static lightning.

Now I would like to add some Objects like a house - a Gas Station or so.

They also should be static for a realistic lighting but with higher Lighting settings as the Trees are.
So normaly I would increase the “Static lighting level scale” and the “Indirect lighting Quality”
but that would increase it also for the trees, which I don’t need and my baking Time for 3.000 Trees would INCREASE

Does somebody now How to increase the Ligtning Quality for a certain area?

Best Regards

Are you using a lightmass importance volume? Should be exactly what you are looking for. Btw. I woul probably set the lights to stationary. They have more flexibility and also features (I believe), while baking as much as possible.
Hope that helps ! :slight_smile:


thank you for your help, but I mean more like:
That I use the lower quality lighting settings for the whole World,
and only where the The lightmass Importance Volume is,
there I use settings like:
Static lighting level Scale = 0.1 - Indirect Light Quality = 10


“The Lightmass Importance Volume controls the area that Lightmass emits photons in, allowing you to concentrate it only on the area that needs detailed indirect lighting. Areas outside the importance volume get only one bounce of indirect lighting at a lower quality.”
Isn’t that exactly what you need?

Edit: And btw: I believe Indirect Light Quality = 10 is a huge value… Maybe first try to improve the Lightmass Quality settings under the Build-Tab :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

So everything outside the Lightmass Importance Volume get only one bounce of indirect lighting.
Are there any default settings for the “outside area” and where can I change them?

I doubt it, but google it. Could be possible to change that, maybe in the engine.ini or similar…