Hierarchical instanced static mesh replication? Problem with tree harvesting system

Hello! I am working on a project where in a large landscape, the foliage is procedurally spawned. I tried making a system where if the player tries to chop a tree, the instanced version gets replaced with the actor which is choppable. It works ALMOST correctly, however I’m having some trouble with the replication.

What I did was, from the player character, on keypress, call a server event, which calls a multicast linetrace (i know its dumb, but only solution that came close to working), which then sets the hit results into variables, then calls a server event which spawns the tree at the instanced one’s location, then finally a multicast event which basically removes the instance.

  • In game, after doing this, replacement logic works. If client tries to chop instanced mesh, it replaces it with a choppable actor. Shows on server.
  • If server tries to chop instanced mesh, replacement works again, however for the client the instanced mesh does not get removed.

Video demonstration:

Edit: OBS scammed me x) Left is server Right is client.

I have digged through the forums and found this post:

Exactly my problem. And the solution doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong/missing… Please if you have any idea how I could overcome this problem, let me know. Any tips appreciated!

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Try passing the index with with your multicast call to replace tree. It looks like your client won’t know what instance to replace in this situation.

When I do these types of things, I will do the traces on client, if I hit something THEN i will call the server RPC to do a trace and see if I hit something, only on the server. Then if you hit something multicast to all to replace tree. That way you aren’t running RPCs for each attempt.

Edit: make sure these are reliable calls as this requires all objects to stay in sync.


Yeah I just had to pass the index… Thanks for your tip as well, I will be checking it out!