Help With Occluding Level?

My level is comprised of a solid object and there are multiple areas of the level that I would like to hide from the players view, since its one object I’m not sure how to occlude these parts from the players view using the methods available, I could be wrong since I don’t really know much about occlusion methods in ue4, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I’m not sure I get what you mean. But, if everything is one object it might be easier to break it into smallers ones.

Failing that, what about having different materials on that one object? Then at least you could just make some parts transparent etc.

Parts of the level are elevated so areas like the one I circled are visible from the bottom, theres tons of materials/objects that I would have to seperate/change so I’m looking for any other method before I have to resort to doing that if possible.

Yikes, that might be a problem. Sorry, don’t know of a way…

No problem, I’ll figure something out.