Help with lighting quality and performance for multiple stationary light sources?

I am building a level for a game I am working on. It is a gymnasium with the classic lighting on the ceiling. I have 6 stationary lights in 6 light fixtures that I modeled. I really want to keep the lighting effects and quality of the stationary lights, but the performance is horrible.

I get 90-100 FPS (4790K and 280x) with the stationary lights set with an intensity of 100000.0 and an attenuation radius of 3000 so each light barely covers the entire gym. This leads to performance issues due to overlap though.The intensity is set so high so that the light reflects realistically inside of the fixture.

With static lights, I get 170+ fps, but the AO texture for the bricks are dark, the lights are not remotely bright, they don’t reflect off of the floor, and it just looks really dull.

This is the lens flare effect I would like to keep from the lights, as well as the reflection and quality in the first picture.

I didn’t build any of the lighting because it takes a while with the lights like this and was unnecessary for this post. The ceiling is dark and the fixtures block the light from most directions when the lighting is built though.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get around this quality with better performance? I am willing to make sacrifices and I am sure I am doing something wrong.

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You will get bad performance with unbaked lighting, as everything is running dynamically. Try baking your lighting first and see if that improves things.
You could also do the following: Decrease the radius and angle of the lights dramatically so that they are fairly narrow and do not overlap (perhaps 25-35 degrees) and then place additional static lighting in place with a wider radius to mimic the look that you were achieving before. This will reduce the cost of the stationary lights and still give you the reflections and lighting that you require.
Hopefully that helps.
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