Help understanding network stats

I’ve been trying to find the cause of some network lag issues I’m having, so I found the “stat net” console commmand, but I need some help understanding what I’m looking at:


Now several of these properties are self-explanatory, but I would appreciate it if someone could elaborate on the most important stats, acceptable ranges thereof, and clear indicators of problems.

Some more specific questions I have on the topic are:

  • How is ping calculated when I run two instances of the game on the same machine?

  • Does ‘ProcessQueuedBunches’ refer to RPCs waiting to be sent? And what would be considered an acceptable ‘CallCount’ ?

  • What exactly is the difference between ‘Num Considered Actors’ , ‘Num Prioritized Actors’ and ‘Num Relevant Actors’?

  • Does a lower count of ‘Num Replicated Actors Sent’ than ‘Num Replicated Actor Attempts’ indicate a problem?

  • What does the term 'Bunches" refer to?

  • What would EpicGames set as a limit for ‘In Rate’ / ‘Out Rate’ / ‘ProcessQueuedBunches’ / ‘NumNetworkedActors’ / ‘NumRelevantActors’ for a game, such as Fortnite or Unreal Tournament?

  • Is there any more documentation or guides on network efficiency (beyond the Intro to Blueprint Networking series)?

Any helpful information is much appreciated!

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i would like to know that too specially “what would be considered an acceptable ‘CallCount’ ?”

can we get any info pls ?

anyone can explain above pls ? from UE team may be ? as i have less than 100 calls and 10 kb but i have lag .

Greetigs, I would also like some details on this. It would be very usefull with some example of what good values would be, and what values would become a problem etc.

Network documentation is good for understanding how to use the replication system on the highest level. But lacks much information on the low level. Like: What if an TArray is bigger than 10KB (10KB is default bandwidth) and needs to be replicated? Is the network data send out on a per frame basis? As mentioned above, what is meant by ‘bunch’? What if the data from multiple actors combined in a single frame is more than 10KB?