[Help] Replicated moving characters are lagging when changing direction


I’m working on a RTS, when spawning the characters on client side they are spawned on the server and replicated from there.
When moving the characters from the client, the client is telling the server to move the character and the movement is then replicated.

The problem is that it creates lag when changing direction, it is ugly and I don’t see this effect on any RTS game.

To alleviate this issue I would like to be able to have the client access to the AI controller of the pawn, or to spawn an AI controller for those pawns on client side and then use them client side.

I already searched online but I found nothing. Does somebody know how I could make this work ?

Please, I need to solve this otherwise my game quality would be very bad :frowning:
If someone has a better idea than what I suggested feel free to help.

Here is a video that show the issue : Replication Latency give stutters - YouTube

Is it that nobody knows how to help me ?
I can provide additional information if needed, I just don’t know what would be relevant

Hi, they shouldn’t jump that much (unless you have something else going on there that destroys your network bandwidth). Generally if you want to test performance you should always test it when running the game in a new process, so standalone or via command line. So try this here


If you run your game in a new process and still have network problems, you could try narrowing it down via the network profiler Network Profiler | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you !
Indeed I was doing something that butchered the network !
:slight_smile: ​​​​​​​

Do you mind telling everyone what you were doing that “butchered the network”? I think it would be a good way for others to know what may cause problems in their projects. I actually have the same issue.

Immediately after issuing a movement server side I was sending a message through the interface to the client.
I made the message being delayed and now it’s fine