HELP - Procedural Foliage Spawner problems

Ok so this tool works great for quickly creating forests but there are a few problems I’m running into that I hope can be easily solved.

1- There seems to be a limit to just how many different types of static meshes you can add. I’m finding it gets stuck when Resimulating to update your scene with even just 5-6 different models. I’m not even making the foliage that dense yet Unreal gets stuck and I have to force quit and restart.

2- The Procedural Foliage Blocking works great but it takes so long to place especially if you are creating a long winding road going through the mountains and using the volumes to prevent trees from spawning on it.

I really love the clumping feature though. I initially tried just painting the foliage but I didn’t like how it was looking or the time it took to cover such a large area. I don’t think painting foliage has a clumping feature as far as I can tell.

1 - are you maybe just low on ram? Never had issues with 12 different meshes in the same instance. (But engine version can be at fault)

2 - you can actually tie meshes to Spawn on specific landscape layers. If using landscapes that’s a decent option. (Note, once simulated the presence of a landscape no longer matters)

Otherwise you can modify things so as to use a convex hull as the blocking volume.
Look into the engine’s Geometry Editing tools. It should be possible to just use those like for almost all other volumes.

3 - there’s different options but they don’t work the same. The procedural system simulates possible growth patterns of plants.
The paint tool is just random basically.


1 - I have 64 GB. I’m using Unreal 4.27

2 - I did end up using the Foliage Blocking volume, lots of them them to cover the areas I didn’t want the trees to grow. I was already in the middle of creating and placing them even before posting this question. It works just it takes time to do.

3 - Yeah this way was the only good option I could find.

Same amount of ram, so you can rule that out.

Maybe you can try making a project in .25, adding as many as you want, and upgrading it to .27 to then migrate the component.

Not sure what else to suggest there. It’s the only reason I can think of for which I can add more pieces…
The original project i have those on was from something like .18 though. So idk for a fact that .25 allows you to have as many as you want either…